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Orbita Winders & CasesAuthorized Orbita Dealer

Orbita Winders & Cases

Orbita is the world's largest manufacturer of watchwinders for both manual and automatic mechanical watches. The Wilmington, North Carolina company commenced operations in 1996 when it offered a unique patented device, invented by founder and CEO Charles Agnoff, to keep fine automatic watches wound when unworn. Agnoff was on the cusp of retirement from the conveyor-components company he started in 1968, Interroll Corporation, and his wife gave him a gold automatic watch. Since he did not wear the watch daily, his watch always had to be rewound. Agnoff dreamed up the idea of taking the motorized drive out of one of his conveyor drives and using it to rotate or oscillate watches, and thus postponed his retirement indefinitely. Years later, Orbita continues to provide winders to automatic and manual wind watch lovers around the globe. Based on Orbita's recognition as an international leading company for watchwinders, you can look forward to continual design improvements and more inventions in the years to come.
For more information on Orbita visit the Official Orbita Watch Winders website.

Orbita Avanti 3 Convertible Winders & Cases

Avanti 3 Convertible
list price $2995

Orbita Avanti 6 Convertible Winders & Cases

Avanti 6 Convertible
list price $4995

Orbita Cristalo Winders & Cases

list price $795

Orbita Futura 3 Winders & Cases

Futura 3
list price $1995

Orbita Siena 1 Winders & Cases

Siena 1
list price $695

Orbita Siena 3 Winders & Cases

Siena 3
list price $1995

Orbita Sparta 1 Bold Winders & Cases

Sparta 1 Bold
list price $295

Orbita Sparta 1 Deluxe Winders & Cases

Sparta 1 Deluxe
list price $495

Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Leather Winders & Cases

Sparta 1 Mini Leather
list price $295

Orbita Sparta 2 Bold Winders & Cases

Sparta 2 Bold
list price $595

Orbita Sparta II Open Lithium Winders & Cases

Sparta II Open Lithium
list price $695

Orbita Sparta Open Lithium Winders & Cases

Sparta Open Lithium
list price $395

Orbita Tourbillon 1 Winders & Cases

Tourbillon 1
list price $995

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